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Nowadays the use of steel metal structures as a construction system is very important, thanks to the high level of structural resistance offered by the steel combined with other advantageous properties. This allows for a wide range of possibilities with regard to the design of buildings, the speed in which they can be assembled and the large open free spaces they permits.

TRANSMETAL is a company which can manufacture and assemble all types of steel structures at an international level. Our technical department works with advanced computer tools such as Cype 3D and Tekla Structures which allow us to design and calculate structures, before they are built, and also provide feedback to the client at all times . 

We also design, and manufacture all types of joints, either by mean or with nuts and bolting, at all times adhering to regulations.

We can make porticoed structures for warehouse, vessels, latticework, building structures, concrete slabs, composite structures, cantilever roofs, staircases, mesh walkways, reinforced or light beams, among others.

We have experience in making metal structures for industrial sites, housing, offices, malls, petrol stations, semi-detached houses, cantilever roofs, pedestrian walkways and refurbishment, etc.

Industrial estate – Sant Pere Vilamajor

Pedestrian walkway – Tordera

Palau Episcopal – Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The main advantages of steel structures are:

  • They can be pre-manufactured in the workshop which allow them to be made quickly and then taken to the building site which also reducs construction costs.
  • Thanks to their high resistance per weight units, they allow big spans between pillars which is very useful for gaining space.
  • Linked to the previous characteristic, the pillars and girders tend to have smaller dimensions.
  • It is possible to modify them, widening spans or changing their configuration and therefore adapting them to a bigger building or a usage change.
  • They are very flexible structures which can be adapted to more unstable terrain where differential settlements can appear. They can also be adapted to areas with high levels of seismic activity.
  • Steel is very ductile, which allows for big deformations before failing, this providing sufficient warning time of possible problems and not just a sudden failure.
  • There are multiple lamination combinations in different sections and sizes allowing a wide range of possibilities for the design of the building.
  • It is a uniform material, mantaining the same properties and characteristics in the outdoors.
  • Structures can be used once they have been taken apart and have a residual value. It is  and being a sustainable material and environmently friendly.

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