Apart from the types of facades and roofing that were mentionned in the enclosure section, TRANSMETAL also makes related elements. Of these elements we would like to highlight:

  • We provide and assemble accessories for industrial roofing.
  • Smoke and heat ventilators and skylights. The skylights manufactured with methacrylate and with a white ice colour which is normally used when making them, allows a light diffusion which stops the concentration of sun rays which can be so irritating for the our eyes. Methacrylate is a material considered, with polycarbonate, as being one of the most shock resistant and especially designed for areas which have a high risk of breaking, vandalism and accidents. As well as offering 95% of natural light it can be used in multiple places such as industrial buildings, residential and agricultural buildings and sports facilities.
  • Interior panelling. Interior panels for wall panelling, which combines a quaility design which is also functional
  • Cantilever roofs. We have a lot of experience with making bus stop covers and covers for the entrances to buildings, among others. They are made with metal or polycarbonate panels and there is a wide range of possibilites in regard to the design . 

Bus stop cove – Sabadell

Interior panelling – Ecoparc Sant Adrià de Besós