Composite floors are a type of mixed floor made up of corrugated steel sheets which act as a traction structure and a concrete compressive layer. They are very useful floors since they combine the best characteristics of the two materials: steel and concrete. They also provide advantages in terms of price and in their rapid manufacture.

TRANSMETAL has a lot of experience in this type of floors and is able to make with the corrugated sheet diverse alternatives to the composite slabs with mixed beam structure, a self-supporting wrought or using it as a permanent formwork. We can also calculate the wrought, as well as the sheet to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s table and with the necessary metal framing for its support.

The main advantages of composite slabs are:

  • The quick speed at which it is made reduces the cost to assemble it.
  • Improving the relationship between strength and weight compared to a concrete slab.
  • A self-supporting sheet which reduces the number of struts or even dispense with these is used. It combines a reduced section allowing large spans.
  • The inferior surface of the wrought can be left visible.
  • The corrugated sheet has multiple uses, as well as how composite floor can be used as formwork .